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Do Not Be Afraid of Solar Panels for Your House

If you search on Google «Solar panel 100W» in the top ten answers to search it will show old articles from 2011. Of course, the relevance of such articles is not up to date. Today, 100W solar panel on the market worth up to $100, controllers, batteries – all of this is not very difficult […]

Solar Energy for the home – Should we bother?

Ask your kids! Visit any British, Australian or American primary school and the chances are that the older children there will be able to give you an informative lecture about global warming, the damaged ozone layer and the ongoing problems faced by burning fossil fuels. It is gratifying, and perhaps gives some hope for the […]

The Use of Solar Power in the House and Garden

Nobody says that solar energy is definitely the best solution in the world. Of course, there are problems, but in the most cases, they can be solved. But the external power supply is also not ideal, and the farther you are from the regional centers, the worse is the quality of the substations and network’s […]

Solar Energy –What Are The Problems?

This article answers some of the objections people have about installing solar panels into their homes. Nobody suggests it is a simple operation or that it is cheap, but is it a feasible prospect for the average home owner? Could there be incentives that might encourage him or her to take the step and harness […]

Solar Power: Is It Really Worth it Today?

The world is changing; people are changing. The blurb on the street these days is sustainability, and you do your part: you recycle, you use your bag for life, you try and buy locally grown produce, you do everything you can for the environment. At some point it probably crossed your mind to switch a […]

Solar Panels in Your Household

Solar energy, as well as other alternative energy sources, is now at the peak of relevance and interest. However, the information on them is too ambiguous. Is there a practical sense and pragmatism of these decisions? Any man-made space object has solar panels on its board. In space, they are perhaps the only stable source […]

How to Choose the Best Solar Panel?

Most people choosing the solar battery for their home for the first time probably face the next question: what battery is better – monocrystalline or polycrystalline? In short, you can answer – any, but each type has its pros and cons. To understand the importance of some obscure parts of the battery let’s look at […]

Tips on Installing Your Solar Panels

So you have made the decision to go ahead and install solar panels. You wish to save electricity and help the environment. You know it makes sense to invest in an energy source that will eventually pay for itself. You are concerned about the future of the planet and you want cleaner air for your […]