Binary Winner Review

Welcome to our review of Binary Winner – on this page I will be taking a closer look at the claims being made on the Binary Winner sales page as well as investing the claim of a free Binary Account worth $10,000.

The BinaryWinner salespage.

The BinaryWinner sales page.

What is Binary Winner and can you really get a free $10,000 account?

Well, there wasn’t really much to investigate on the main page for Binary Winner. You are asked to enter in your email to continue to the next step (which I did). Below that there is some further information on how the “prize draw” works.

After entering my email, I was taken to step two where I was presented with a video from the director, as Mr Robert Graham.

He then explains what you need to do to be entered into the Binary Winner prize draw.

“Step 2″ is to complete a form – that form will register you with the recommended broker. The last part of this step is to make a deposit which will activate your account. This is standard practice for binary trading systems however I thought I would be getting a $10,000 account?

“Step 3″  was rather vague, quoting directly:

As soon as the deposit is complete you will receive access to Binary Winner and go ahead to use this to trade to $10,000 a day (you keep the profits)

I was a little confused here so I went and re-read the proposition. It seems like there is no real $10,000 account being given away. You first need to open an account and fund it; only then will you be entered into the prize draw. After this became clearer, I didn’t go any further as the premise of winning seemed quite far-fetched.

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Confirmed Profits Review

Welcome to our review of Confirmed Profits – On this page, we will be taking a closer look at the claims being made by Confirmed Profits as well as investigating the “third party” verification service, TradeVerify.

Confirmed Profits Sales Video

The ConfirmedProfits sales video.

What is “Confirmed Profits” and can you trust it?

George Gabriel, the creator of yet another Binary Trading “software” states that you can trust him and his system as everything has been verified by a third party – Including the claim that he made $2,971,330 in just 28 days.

A closer look at “”

After browsing around the homepage, it seems that it costs $5,000 to verify each trade and a further $5,000 to verify a customer testimonial.

To become “Verified” you must:-

  • Have a personal meeting wit the CEO, Roger Hall (or another member of the verification team)
  • Take part in a “screen share” session to show your broker accounts
  • Provide a broker login and password to your accounts

So it seems that Confirmed Profits have done all three of the above required criteria.

I have also taken a look at one of the testimonials by a user called “Roger Pewschmidt” by typing in the unique verification code.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 13.19.12

So from what I can see, everything seems legit and above board. Personally I think it’s about time that these Binary Systems such as Confirmed Profits were regulated and verified.

A further look at Confirmed Profits

As usual, to use the web based trading system, you will need to join the recommended broker and fund your account with the minimum deposit which I did.

Since I’m not a Binary Whiz Kid, I let the auto-trade feature go to work. This will scan the internet for reliable trade signals as well as follow banks and institutions to see how they are trading. Once it gets a feel of the market, it uses some complex algorithms to determine a percentage outcome of each trade.

Once it finds high percentage winnable outcomes (generally over 80%) it will go ahead and commit (all done automatically).

So fare, I’m getting a good return on my investment, enough to go as far and say that I would recommend the Confirmed Profits system.

Confirmed Profits Review